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´Quand je vis je ne me sens pas vivre. Mais quand je joue c’est là que je me sens exister´ (Antonin Artaud. The Theater and its Double)

The playwright ‘crazy’ of surrealism Antonin Artaud said that ‘When I live, I don’t feel life. It is when I act when I feel that I exist´. And it is here where the French language also helps us to ‘see’ life since the French verb to act it is translated as ‘play’ too. We play when we take off our everyday clothes, when we embrace an instrument, when we become another person or when we let our body finds in itself an essence sometimes lost in our abandoned individualistic societies. Isn’t Art a way to become children again? to be impressed again by an external reality that confuses and intoxicates us? Faced with our social reality of laws, rules and conventions, Art and dance reconnects us with a surprised and excited being. Paula Quintana and her dance is a beautiful example of that artist’s tireless quest to find in himself the truth that is hidden from us in our daily life. A reality that is only apprehendable if we look into that mirror that is our inner being and that Art helps us to decipher.