Time and memory represents a big part of my photographs. I do not understand a place without memory. Both, place and an object, retain a special energy from the use. It is precisely expiration, finitude, which gives meaning to our existence. Art and nature are a good example of this. To observe an «old» space balances us the same way as watching a piece of art, making a walk in the mountains or going to sea. Or the ‘wear and tear’ of objects that Tanizaki talks about.

Another subject is the dichotomy between presence and absence. Actually there is no presence without absence. My photographs have not so much solitude but rather absence. To me, Hopper it is a good example of this idea. Are their characters alone? I do not think so. There is always a presence either in the form of a letter or an empty chair.

I am a photographer who have been travelling the last years in places such as South Korea, Yemen and Japan.
I put an empty chair to invite you to sit down for a while and be present.